Access to qualitative education is a leveller that ensures every child is given the opportunity to achieve greatness and the full expression of his/her God-given talents, regardless of the economic circumstances of the family.

  • Infrastructure: we will lobby government agencies, NGOs, indigenes in the diaspora and
    friends to secure resources to bridge infrastructure deficits in our primary and secondary educational institutions in Ikole and Oye local governments areas.


  • School Uniforms and Shoes: we will mobilise resources to ensure as many of our vulnerable
    children as possible are provided school uniforms and shoes and eliminate other barriers preventing children from going to school.


  • Special Education: we will explore avenues to ensure children with special needs have access
    to an education.


  • Bursary: We will provide bursaries for students in higher institutions, to ease the burden of
    financing their education.


  • Competitions: We will facilitate essay competitions and other avenues to encourage academic
    excellence in the constituency.


  • Teachers’ Motivation:We will provide avenues to encourage and motivate our teachers, so they can give their best in training the future generation of leaders.

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