Our constituency is seriously affected by security challenges that need urgent attention. Insecurity in our community affects market women and farmers the most. Farmers run the risk of losing their lives on the way to, or while on their farms. Market women experience enormous difficulty in transporting their goods to the consumers because many transportation companies have refused to ply some roads in our constituency as frequently as needed due to insecurity. This obstructs the free flow of goods from the farm to the market and drives up the cost of food, threatening our food security. The menace of kidnapping in the constituency also needs to be addressed decisively.

  • As a diligent representative, I will champion high level cooperation amongst security agencies
    of the federal and state governments, as well as local security stakeholders, towards securing
    the lives and property of our people.


  • I will build on ongoing efforts by multiple stakeholders to ensure we have a military base stationed within the constituency.


  • On a broader national level, I will champion improved welfare for security personnel, and for
    the families left behind by our fallen heroes.


  • I will also champion the decentralization of our security sector architecture.


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