AkinọmọAkin is passionate about healthcare. My central vision for healthcare is to ensure no one
is left behind, especially vulnerable segments in the last mile of society.

  • Infrastructure:we will lobby government agencies, NGOs, indigenes in the diaspora, etc., to
    secure resources to bridge health infrastructure deficits in Ikole and Oye Local Governments – in all the primary health centres and the general hospitals.


  • Health Missions / Surgical Festivals: we will hold periodic health missions and surgical


  • Public Health Education: we will champion public health education campaigns to achieve
    behavioural modifications that would help prevent lifestyle diseases and early discovery of
    these diseases for intervention.


  • Address Negative Cultural Practices: We will champion campaigns against harmful cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of Gender Based Violence.


  • Menstrual Health Packs: We will establish a pad-bank so that as many young female constituents as possible can receive menstrual hygiene packages to keep them healthy in school
    and at work during their periods.


  • Infant and Maternal Health Kits: we will provide support for pregnant women, new mothers,
    and their newborn children, to drastically reduce infant and maternal mortality rates and ensure
    their well-being.


  • Speciality Care: We will help vulnerable segments such as the elderly, persons with
    disabilities, children with learning difficulties, etc.


  • Motivation of Health Workers: We will provide avenues to incentivise health workers to
    remain in our hospitals and give their best in providing care to constituents.

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