Abuja, Nigeria | Saturday, June 15, 2024 – The Nigeria House of Representatives extends warm Sallah greetings to Muslim faithful across our country and beyond as they celebrate Eid-el-Kabir.

Eid al-Adha, also known as Eid-el-Kabir, is one of the major Muslim festivities celebrated annually in honor of Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail (PBUH) according to Allah’s (SWT) command — a worthy example of obedience and devotion.

This season reminds us of the importance of putting the needs of others before our own and striving for the greater good. Eid-el-Kabir also promotes unity and harmony among Muslims and non-Muslims, which are essential values for our diverse population.

We encourage all, especially those in positions of leadership, and Nigerians at large, to imbibe these values in our collective pursuit to build a more united, harmonious, and prosperous country.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, PhD, in his congratulatory message to Muslims, further notes that the celebration is about total submission to a higher authority, sacrifice, and charity.

Speaker Abbas, in reminding Muslims about the supremacy of Allah (SWT) and the importance of sacrifice, prayed for Allah (SWT) to accept their sacrifices.

“I call on all Nigerians to continue praying for their leaders, just as I urge them to use this period for sober reflection and to be their brother’s keeper at all times,” he adds.

In line with the Legislative Agenda of the People’s House, the Green Chamber is committed to finding legislative solutions to our country’s challenges and the betterment of our people.

We wish all Nigerians a joyous and peaceful celebration.


Rep. Akin Rotimi Jr.

House Spokesman / Chairman, House Committee on Media & Public Affairs

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