AkinọmọAkin has demonstrated capacity to mobilise stakeholders to attract infrastructural
projects to the constituency. He has been commissioning projects even without holding an elective
office. When we earn your mandate by February 2023, we will start by carrying out an extensive
baseline study of the infrastructure gaps in the constituency, with input from the 40 community
town unions, to ensure we have a strategy document that would be the basis of our efforts to
mobilise all stakeholders and start working for you from Day 1!

  • Health and Education Infrastructure: As stated earlier, we will work to identify gaps in Health and Education infrastructure and equipment in the constituency and mobilise resources to
    bridge these gaps so that our people can access qualitative healthcare and education.
  • Roads Infrastructure: We will lobby the relevant agencies of the Federal and State
    governments to attract beneficial road infrastructure to the constituency, to improve living
    conditions and commercial activities of our people.


  • Power: We will take the lead in seeking solutions to issues of power supply at the community
    level and provide streetlights for as many underserved communities as possible.


  • Commercial Infrastructure: We will work to provide critical infrastructure in our markets and other areas of commercial activities, to encourage productivity and safety of our people.


  • Sports and Recreational Infrastructure: Every child has the right to play, and even adults should be encouraged to engage in sports and recreational activities to remain sound in mind and body. Sports and other recreational infrastructural are also crucial to discovering and promoting sporting talents and ensuring every constituent can reach their full potentials. AkinọmọAkin will work to attract sporting and recreational infrastructure to the constituency.

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